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What do you say to taking chances?
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
16th-May-2010 04:21 pm - Friends Only!
house- if desiring
I'll add pretty much anyone who'll read me.
28th-Jun-2008 11:07 am - Marilla makes up her mind
house- if desiring

This LJ is going on Iceland hiatus until Sunday July 6th. See you then!

and my 500 episodes june contribution is (lame, but still) under this cutCollapse )
14th-Jun-2008 10:53 pm - i'm driving one of your cars
house- if desiring


In the friggin LAST MINUTE! ON OVERTIME! To quote Juno:
Ow, Ow, fuckity ow!

Well, it makes the game against Russia on Wednesday much more interesting. It's us or them. My sister is going to stay with me for the next two weeks, she hates soccer and doesn't understand how anyone can be so emotionally involved, but I'll force her to shake some pom-poms.

1st-Jun-2008 05:41 pm - It's june, bring me a prune!
house- if desiring
May's 500 episodes list.. or.. eh. not 500 episodes a month, but in all. click my tag for more info =DCollapse )

I also watched the movie The Queen. Totally different from what I had heard. Why don't people just say it's about how the current queen Elizabeth dealt with the death of Lady Di? I had no idea, I anticipated it to be more like Marie Antoinette, lol, but this made it really interesting. Also, totally spoilerfree since it's about reality and I already knew everything before. The guy who played Prince Charles was good looking, haha. Not "whoa, hawt!" but, you know.. compared to the original. ;P

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was okay too. Not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's totally my genre. Don't think I've seen the Veronica Mars girl in anything before, including Veronica Mars. I still don't like her. I dunno, I guess the whole movie was a little lame, but I'm still happy as long as a movie doesn't just freak my freaky freaks.

I got to swim in my lake before it turned June! YAY! I've prettty much been listening to podcasts and swimming this weekend. I'm all pink now. =D
Oh, and I made the mistake of downloading a Grey's Anatomy official podcast, with the writers talking about the Halloween episode, and ZZZZZZZ. The whole thing went: "And then we chose to have Meredith not dealing with her moms death, which we thought was really clever. And then we showed that Alex have feelings, which we thougth was really clever". Yeah, you writers, really clever when you point it out yourself. =P

Back to the Planet, back to the Planet.
30th-Apr-2008 11:59 pm - and i'm dancing for my life
house- if desiring
officially i am asleep, but inofficially i'm contributing to my 500 episodes challenge.

and i'd like to state once again, 500 EPISODES IN A YEAR IS NOT A CHALLENGE! writing them down is, but watching, not as much =P

i can have it all and i'm dancing for my liiiiifeCollapse )

Get the code (?)

i dunno what that is.

i'm drunk. and yeah, that's all i feel like sharing atm. =P
house- if desiring
Whoa, yesterday was like The Great Rachel Shelley Day! No special reason, but post after post after post popped up on my flist. So here's my collection, lol

dylena, run with womenCollapse )

and in case you couldn't care less, here's a quiz!

I got:
You're the time of day right around sunrise, when the sky is still a pale bluish gray. The streets are empty, and the grass and leaves are a little bit sparkly with dew. You are the sound of a few chirpy birds outside the window. You are quiet, peaceful, and contemplative. If you move slowly, it's not because you're lazy, it's because you know there's no reason to rush. You move like a relaxed cat, pausing for deep stretches that make your muscles feel alive. You are long sips of tea or coffee (out of a mug that's held with both hands) that slowly warm your insides just as the sun is brightening the sky.

house- if desiring
Happy April! Hope you've all been fooled properly ;) I have not, too smart, IQ of 134 according to facebook =P
If you haven't yet, go to youtube and click to watch any of the featured videos. If you don't get it, go back and click to watch another one on that first page. Youtube funny. =D

So March is over, and under this cut is March's contribution to the 500 episodes challengeCollapse )

The 500 episode challenge should be renamed "Whoa, you like tv marathons!"
house- if desiring
I'm not sure if I've slept at all last night, I'm so excited about Melodifestivalen tonight! Forget work, forget test tubes, forget war and politics, Linda Bengtzing is up against Charlotte Perrelli in 12-13 hours! =D They're doing schlager, I've heard. Not sure how I feel about LB cutting off her hair though... First I thought I couldn't sleep cause I was hungry, but I've been up for hours and still not eaten anything, so I guess that's not what I wanted. lol

Anyhoo! It's March! Yay, not May! And here are the episodes I've watched since I started the 500 episode challenge.
warning: text heavy! heheCollapse )

Wheeeeee =D

edit to say.. I forgot to add that one JAG episode I watched, Foxy! I better watch it again so it can be on the list. tehee.
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